Farming Practices

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A little more about how we grow our products...

Our farming practices and our products are considered naturally grown. This means we use minimal amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, our plants rely on an abundance of organic matter present in the soil to get all of their nutrients. Organic matter is added by the use of cover crops, mulches, and low or no-till practices. These methods also help conserve water and build an ecosystem that sustains beneficial insects. Crop rotation, beneficial insects, and insect traps are how we control unwanted insects. Practicing crop rotation also helps with weed and disease control; certain crops suppress weeds and diseases allowing more susceptible crops to be grown in their place the following season.                  Another portion to the sustainability of our farm and community is the use of heirloom seeds and specifically non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) varieties. This allows us to save seeds if need be and not rely on large seed companies pushing us to grow specific hybrids. We are very proud to be able to start all of our plants from seed on our own thus controlling everything that comes in contact with that organism throughout the growing season.

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